Have as much fun as humanly possible while abiding by the following guidelines.

  • Maintain enthusiasm and composure, serving as a role model.
  • Participate positively in the event or contest by supporting the coaches and participants.
  • Exercise good judgment in cheering for outstanding performance, not against opponents or to ridicule an error.
  • Follow the cheerleaders in positive cheers and yells to show support for the participants.
  • Be an exemplary role model by positively supporting teams in every manner possible, including content of cheers and signs.
  • Show respect and concern for an injured player, regardless of team.
  • Respect decisions made by contest officials.
  • Realize that a ticket represents a privilege and a responsibility to observe and positively support a high school activity, not a license to verbally assault others or be generally obnoxious.
  • Respect fans, coaches, and participants.
  • Encourage surrounding fans to display only sportsmanlike conduct.
  • Resist being drawn into negative conduct by other fans, including opposing fans.
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