5/12/2017 – From the Peanut Gallery – It doesn’t matter who the coach is, if this team wants to get better, the players have to improve their skill level. Everyone needs to work harder, to be ready for the 2018 season. 

  • Defensive Fundamental mechanics
  • Hitting
  • knowledge of game (Game IQ)

Are just three of the things that need to be improved upon, if the Vikings expect to win more games in 2018

Pitchers wanted – If your not a pitcher, you should be throwing a bull pen at least once per week and learning the craft… In case you haven’t noticed the Vikings are desperately short at this position… They need bodies to eat up innings… You never know when you might get called upon… Your job? Be ready…

By the end of summer, players should be trying out for the best select/summer team they can get on… The better the team, the better player you will become. Don’t settle for a team you can get on, tryout for the #1 team in your league standings. The experience alone will make you a better player.




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